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Step out of the office and visit a modern steel mill

    Visit a modern steel mill
    In order to strengthen the knowledge and learning of mid-board products, and improve the professionalism of senior marketing and variety personnel, on July 23rd, the team was led by the assistant general manager Lin Qingxiang and organized by the special assistant Zhang Dongsheng of the technical center. A total of 30 people from Fujian Zhanzhi visited Sansteel The study is mainly composed of many years of sales, industry management and medium plate variety management personnel in machinery, engineering, steel structure, mold steel and other industries.
    Sansteel is the industrial cradle of the mountain city of Sanming and was selected as the national AAA-level Fujian Sansteel Industrial Tourism Zone in 2018. This visit and study lasts for one day. The first half will mainly focus on the on-site visit of the medium board and the medium plate production process, production line capacity, after-sales quality service processing, etc., with explanations and learning methods; the second half will visit the Sansteel Exhibition Hall and the medium board warehouse. Focus on on-site learning.


    On July 23rd, Sansteel’s bus factory led us to visit the steel making plant. During the industrial tourism and sightseeing in the fragrance of birds and greenery, we came to the main control room of the steel making plant and the automation equipment of the steel making plant. The design operation made everyone's eyes shine, and it turned out that steel was made in this way.

    The on-site technicians patiently introduced the whole process of steel making and answered everyone's doubts. At this time, I came to the site of the production process of the medium plate and experienced the production process of the medium plate immersively. Although the temperature in the room is high, the enthusiasm for learning is not diminished. A process, carefully record every detail.
    After a short break, I went to the meeting room of Sansteel for PPT explanations and exchanges. First of all, Director Wang of the Technology Center expressed a warm welcome to everyone for this visit to Sansteel, and secondly, the production process, product standards, and specifications of Sansteel currently available for orders Production capacity and after-sales quality objection handling and other aspects were introduced in detail, which opened up ideas for everyone in the sales and application of mid-board products, and finally conducted a heated discussion from the two aspects of mid-board products and sales, so that everyone has a better understanding of mid-board products. A deeper understanding.


    In the afternoon, I came to the Sansteel Exhibition Hall. Since 1958, I have been exploring the development history code for 60 years, with a total area of more than 2500 square meters on three floors. This historical testimony place of Baibao inlaid, fully displays the transformation and growth of Sansteel every time.
    The exhibition hall displays old photos of Sansteel, and the screen at the end of the corridor displays the demeanor of contemporary Sansteel workers and the many honors of Sansteel. Under the leadership of the exhibition curator and staff, they learned about the original intention of Sansteel’s entrepreneurship. Difficult years, two rounds of contracting, leapfrog development and the road to becoming better and stronger now.
    The cooperation between Zhanzhi and Sansteel's medium plate products in 2007 has been more than 10 years and has achieved in-depth cooperation. The sales of Sansteel medium plate products are well recognized by the majority of users. Mutual benefit and win-win, create a better future!