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The 13th sports competition of Zhanzhi Group

    Hundreds of refining into steel, aiming to be healthy
    With the unrestrained enthusiasm and the warmth of the sunrise in winter, Fujian Zhanzhi is doing enough to prevent and control the epidemic. Nearly 140 athletes from the two representative teams of Xiaquan Industry and Trade and Fuzhou Industry and Trade, ushered in Fuzhou The 13th Fujian Zhanzhi Games.
    The beauty of sports is endless, and the flowers of bodybuilding are dazzling. Let us uphold the spirit of safety first, unity, love, and hard work, and sway our passion on the court.

    (1) Race review: swimming

    (2) Race review: middle-aged marathon 

    (3) Tournament review: badminton

    (4) Tournament review: table tennis

    (5) Tournament review: Basketball

    (6) Tournament review: football

    (7) Race review: kilometer long-distance race  

    (8) Race review: 100-meter relay

    (9)The final event of the Games-30*100 relay race